These are the last of the photos that I took (for my art project). I love them so much! Fairy lights and a wonderful model with equally awesome hair. Recipe for success indeed.

I got 2 rolls of film developed yesterday: 1 color slide roll and 1 roll of film that was tucked away in my Spinner 360 for much too long. Sadly, the Spinner pics didn't come out very nice at all :( Only 3 out of the 7/8 came out! As for the color slide film, I got the index card and they are to be printed on Tuesday. Yusssssssss, can't wait. They look great, I must say. 

Well, holidays are almost over and exams start in 3 weeks so I must bid you all adieu. I'll keep posting, albeit irregularly.

So... adieu!



To me, this is what Autumn's all about: red and orange, invitingly crunchy leaves, just waiting to be stomped on. Cosy evenings with a book. Countless cups of tea. Misty mornings. Rainy periods, a foretelling of winter. Soaking up the last of the summer sun.

I just went for a walk and, although the wind was blowing and chilling me to the bone, the air was just so crisp and fresh - something one doesn't experience in the summer, especially in Cape Town. 

Welcome, Autumn :)




I tried, you guys. I flippen love bokeh, wow. But I had major difficulties with it at first. Anyone ever tried it before? Cos I swear it's just me who had all the problems in the world!


What a week...

I don't remember the last time I had a week as stressful and upsetting as this past week was. Not fun. And just as I was feeling totally alone in all of it, at the verge of a possible mental breakdown, I read this and it made everything better! 

Now it's time for The Weepies and some more work. 



 Different photoshoot; she was so easy to photograph, sheesh! It was great :)




I LOVE the sound of crunchy leaves underfoot. In the dictionary, under "Autumn," it should read: See crunchy leaves :) 



I recently did a photoshoot for an art project that's due pretty soon. These were taken in the Arboretum in Tokai forest. It was such an awesome day, despite the fact that we got chased by baboons! Okay, I'm over-exaggerating a bit. They came strolling down the hill and I freaked out and ran like the wind. I ditched Kersty, the lovely red-head in the photograph above, and I still feel so bad! 

I was so scared, oh lordy... we got to the car and there was my mom, windows open (!!!), laughing hysterically and taking photos. After we had just ran from dangerous, blood-thirsty (kidding) baboons. It was pretty funny though. I'm so scared of those things; and to think that we originate from them?! 

Anyway, 3 of the photoshoots are done and dusted. Now to get them printed, up on here to show you guys and then to await your thoughts on them! 

P.S. My mom told me that when she was younger, her and her brother were at the zoo and they were walking walking walking... when suddenly he was no longer there. They looked up in the baboon cage and there he was! Eventually the zoo keepers coaxed the baboon to let my uncle down. Ha! Any experiences?