I wish my damn ankle would heal already so I could go take some damn photos! This is frustrating. Anyway, here's the awesome Mr Egg Man! He walks around town all day, laughing himself into a frenzy of laughter with a whole bunch of stuff on his hat which probably weighs about as much as 10 bags of yummy oranges. Anyway, eggs seem to be the flavour of the year for him. And he has a phone, he lets you talk on it. He's a very cool man, the Egg Man.


It's a sign

My photo uploader seems to be defying my want to upload a picture. Exam stress has been forcing me to leave you awesome readers in the dark, but fear not! I'm sure it'll get sorted. By tomorrow. Sniff. It's probably a sign that I should be studying, and not worrying about this space, but whatever, screw signs. Till tomorrow then, fair readers!



Bodiam Castle

I recently looked through my travelling photos (nostalgia!) and forgot about this beauty called Bodiam Castle. It's in Kent, if I'm not mistaken. But it's a truly beautiful castle, the place is just magical.


It gets a bit tiring...

...to give and give and give, and care and care and care and get nothing in return. 
But I'll keep giving you guys photos, cos this is actually enjoyable.
Aside from that, I had a lovely birthday weekend which I am very sad has ended... but at least I got all the fabulous prezzies :)


aha, moment

I was reading this wonderful blog when I suddenly had an Aha! moment and a wave of inspiration swept me out to sea. And by sea I mean the world of photography which I have been out of for the past week. (After tearing some ligaments in an ankle, one realises it is not particularly realistic to dream of photographic expeditions.) So I'm going to whip out my Moleskine and write down all my ideas, just incase I forget them. 

In the mean time, here's a little photo to keep you all happy for the time being. :)

Oh, and go read that blog. It rocks. 

Oh, to be in London...


l-l-long street

Goooood times :) These were taken at Long Street Festival, was an awesome day filled with far too many ayoba's and whatnots.


Some photos I took a while back with my Lomo fisheye lens. Oh, and meet Toffee, the cutest and bestest sausage dog the world has ever seen. He's also a superb suntan lotion model.