last year

Found some random old photos. Still need to scan in the other pics that I took last weekend, but my scanner's annoying so hopefully you can all be patient with me? :)
I kinda liked the green dot in the first pic; the third picture was taken last year before the World Cup with my Diana F+. Whatchya think?
Have a nice weekend, everybody :)

P.S. I recently set up a Flickr account. Go check it out :)



I wanted to walk past those 2 birdies but they started hissing and raising their wings so I decided not to... turns out they were protecting their eggs. They have super cool eyes. The bird is called a kiewiet :) It's pretty funny cos that's my mom's nickname! When she was young she had skinny little legs and a big, round tummy so they called her Kiewiet haha. And this is the perfect picture to put up because it's my mom's birthday today!

So happy birthday, mom :)
I love you xx


they fly by

So fast...

hanging high

So... the night sky last week was absolutely beautiful. I tried to take some pics but the clouds were moving so fast so it didn't make for photographing. I did, however, sit there for a while and enjoy watching it. After a while the endless rows of clouds moved away and the moon was left on its lonesome own-some. Stunning stunning stunning...