Song of the week

I was rather looking forward to this whole rapture thing, end of the world bla bla. Last night I made fresh ravioli with a creamy squash filling, topped with burnt sage and butter. Mmmmmmmmm.  Dessert was panna cotta with passionfruit. I think it was the best thing I've ever cooked, and surprisingly easy! My whole family was quiet whilst eating, it was pretty funny. After that we were all so satisfied with life.... :) Haha oh well, I guess I'll have to make it again. You can't imagine how good it was! 

Very random post but I just wanted to share... :) Did anyone watch the SAMA's? These girls - The Arrows - are so strange but I like them. 

Here they are for my song of the week (even though the song is old-ish). It's called No Robots. There's no video but what the heck. Hope you like it :)



Song of the week!

Love it. So much. Foster the People with Pumped Up Kicks. Enjoy.


These must be my favorite photos out of the whole bunch. I love them so much!
Please excuse my absence... exams are around the corner! Wish me luck.



I have decided...

to do a song of the week! Here's the first (excluding Sybille Baier - go check her out though). Enjoy. The music video's a bit scary, but the music is hectic. Makes me a bit sad. So good though.




I don't usually do this - post videos and lyrics, that is - but I love this so much that I really want to! Never have I heard such amazing music. Don't try to analyze it or whatever, just listen. W-o-w.

Sibylle Baier - I Lost Something in the Hills
Every time I shed tears
In the last past years
When I pass through the hills
Oh, what images return
Oh I yearn
For the roots of the woods
That origin of all my strong and strange moods
I lost something in the hills
I lost something in the hills
I grew up in declivities
Others grow up in cities
Where first love and soul takes rise
There were times in my life
When I felt mad and depraved
And only the slopes gave me hope
When I pass through the leg high grass I shall die
Under the jasmin I shall die
Under the elder tree
And need not try to prepare for a new coming day
Where is it that fills the deepness I feel
You will say I’m not Robin the Hood
But how could I hide from top to foot
That I lost something in the hills
I lost something in the hills
Oh I lost something in the hills
Now I lean on my window sill
And I cry, though it’s silly
And I’m dreaming of off and away
Oh I know further west these hills exist
Marked by apple trees marked by a straight brook
That leads me wherever I want it to
Well I lost something in the hills
I lost something in the hills
Oh, I lost something in the hills