Gone for a while

I'm leaving! Well, not for long. I'm going to Langebaan for a few days with some friends, it's gona be pretty cool :) Don't miss me too much. I'll come back with lots of pretty photos for you all :)

Speaking of leaving and holidays, this is my oh-so-serious Dad. He's in Barcelona, hopefully having a great time. (If you're reading this, buy me lots of nice presents!) :)


These photos are pretty old, actually. Took them on Mother's Day earlier in the year when we treated mommy dearest to a wonderful lunch in he favorite restaurant, Reubens, in Franschoek. It was a very nice day :) Can't wait for those lovely, summery days again.


Isn't it strange...

... how I can be watching the hustle and bustle of the city go right past, the world carrying on as it should, while my world just suddenly stops?

Hi, Franschoek (1)

Some more Franschoek. I love the colour. Some more Voigtlander series coming up. :)


hello, summer

This was taken with my grandfather's Voiglander Perkeo. First spool. Oh-so-prettyful in Franschoek in the summer :)


when they were still alive

they used to look beautiful, but that was in the summer.