Number 3

I MISS LONDON! Who would like to sponsor me a plane ticket?


just a few more hours, please?

I really should be finishing off my art project, but good ol' Mr Procrastination decided to pay me a visit this lovely Sunday evening. We're having quite a bit of fun. He also suggested I show you all - if there is infact anyone reading this in this vast universe of blogging - my favorite photograph that I shall be using for this important art project. Yes, it may be simple, but I find it beautiful and it was taken by my late aunt. I kinda like to think she's somewhere in that oh-so-pretty sky.

hey, doc



So my friend has a pretty rad blog which - I'm sure - he will update soon due to a very awesome photograph. Check it out.

pretty cool



my lovely


If you have the guts, go to www.thecovemovie.com and watch the video. If you don't like what you see - and I can guarantee that you won't - then sign the petition:




elenore, gee i think you're swell 
and you really do me well
you're my pride and joy etcetera

some london