I'm quite happy

Today's a gorgeous day! It's my gran's birthday party, so while she's chatting to all her fellow granny friends I'll be going snap-happy. This past week we had one lovely day of rain (if you can call it that much) and another 4 days of pleasant-ish warmth. But February is around the corner so I'll keep my mouth shut and enjoy the low 30's while I can. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone :)


just the thing

It was full moon on Wednesday. When I went outside, it was drizzling and clouded over. Sadly the moon itself was pretty much not visible, but it's light burst through the clouds. And WOW... Lions Head looked beauuuutiful. Generally when it's good weather and there's a full moon, hikers go up Lions Head to check it out. On Wednesday there were little spots of light dotted all the way around, it looked magnificent... I saw it last full moon as well, but it's just an image that takes your breath away each time. I considered taking a photo, but I didn't want to go inside and miss that bit of evening summer rain... Perfect start to my last year of school.



It's been ages! But I'm back - and I'm getting all my little ducklings in a row - I swear, and with a whole bunch of pics. In just 1 week I'll be beginning my last year of school. It's pretty unreal. So expect to see a bit less of me - but you're probably used to that. I am truly disgraced. Anyhoo, my scanner's being a bit of a bitch so more pics coming tomorrow. Let me know what you think.